Youth Leadership & Entrepreneurial Initiative


Youth Leadership & Entrepreneurial Initiative

RWCFI Launching Important New Project
08 May 2019


RWCFI begins work on the Youth Leadership and Entrepreneurial Training Program in conjunction with the City of Hartford and neighborhood youth organizations including exploring partnerships with Our Piece of the Pie and Mi Casa. The first step is the development of a citywide youth leadership forum to be held in the Spring of 2020. RWCFI will simultaneously raise funds for the launching youth forum and the first group of youth trainees for our program aimed at providing development and income-earning opportunities for disadvantaged young men and women from the Hartford area. To learn more about this developing program, read the full report from the previous youth leadership forum which serves as a model for next year’s launching event. The in-depth summary of the Youth Media Training program is the base model for our long term Youth Leadership and Entrepreneurial Training Program. The initial group of young people will help to create a documentary film following the planning, implementation and results of the launching forum.


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